Beyond the hymen 

Claris undresses right before your very eyes…
It’s the day you imagined since your adolescence…

Before you is an hour glass shape…

With dimples behind just a little above her waist…

Testosterone level shoots through the roof…

Slowly but steady you approach her…

Running your hands over her tender skin…

Fingers gliding whimsically through her hair…
Your lips reaches for hers and you can bet they sure taste like strawberry…

You both recline gently to the bed which does feels comfy…

Slowly you start…

Vehemently it climbs…

Passion fills the room…

Action slows and gradually grinds to a halt like a train making an emergency stop…

A quick glance at her face and it reads no expression…

Pale and mind lost in thought…

Then you question, anything wrong…

No she responds with a sad dry tone…
This was the first time for both of you…

It sure wasn’t as colourful as what you had seen on youjizz…

She gets up to clean up and so do you…

You both know it was just nothing more than hormones in action…

Goodbyes are said and the door closes behind her…
You ponder for a while…

Claris never told you anything personal…

All you know about her are things every other person knows…

Then you ruminate on the sex…

You realise that something pivotal was missing…

Intimacy you think…

However you broke her hymen…
Claris lets you in her body but that’s not her most sacred place…

Her mind is. ..

Her holies of holies…

She literally keeps you out at the gates…

Never have you glimpsed her inside…

Her strength remains hidden from you…

The beauty of her dreams are still in the dark…
You sure long for the opening to her soul…

To look deep in her eyes and see through her…

To reach for the depths of her…

To move from the physical to emotional and spiritual realms…

To move beyond the hymen…


Something worth fighting for

I am human

I search

I desire

The wants, the quest

The needs, the expectations

The achievements, the success

I want that thing

That thing worth striving for

I am human

And at some points in life

I question the purpose of living

Its there in my eyes

Heard in my sighs

And present in the dreams that fill my heart

I want that life

The one worth living

I am human

From little I learnt to dream

To hope

To draw up imaginations

Of what could be

To create

I have those dreams

The ones worth pursuing

I am human

With the desire to be loved

And to love another beside myself

 I search for it

Will find relief when I find it

And put in much effort to keep it

I want that love

The one worth fighting for


You’re strong
Stronger than you’ll ever realize

You’re passionate 

And it pours out in what you do

We see the works

We see the pride in your eyes

At each work made perfect

But we also see the yearning heart

The many failings and stumblings

The desires that seem to choke you

As they’ve not gotten expression


But there is hope

You will learn

Again and again and again

As you always do

Until it becomes an offhand perfection.

Then you’ll realize

You were made for this.

No matter the many stumblings

You’ll dust your behind

And continue the walk

Towards fulfillment

Letter to Shola


I understand your pain

I’ve felt it before

I’ve been there too

It’s a tad different but I can relate.

Attendant to my heart,

Sometimes it skips a beat in uncertainty

For what tomorrow holds,

And sometimes it runs with enthusiasm

Just like Bolt on the track.

The process looks uncertain

But what we will be is clear,

As crystal clear as the glazed blue sea. 

The flight of stairs looks blurry

But the light we cannot miss.

For at the end we know for sure

We will find the best future ever,

One better than we could have imagined

And a hope none can take away.

Rest in these truths, Shola

Rest in these words.

Better still, rest in God’s promises,

Never take your eyes from the light

For with time, darkness will recede

And the light become clearer

Find the courage to keep moving 

One step at a time dear.

 It will become clearer, one day at a time

Until you’ll finally become,

Your best you.


Sometimes we are battered

Broken down

Hope sucked out

And what remains is just us



We barely know where we are

Forget who we are

And where we are headed

Life has its troubles

Its curves and corners

Stops and many junctions

Junctions that leave us frail

Forgetting where we’ve come from

Unsure about the road that will lead us home

We scream “Enough!”

But silence is what we hear

Some things unexplainable

Where do we start from?

There is a God

Who sees the pain before we feel them

And comforts us

Before the day of trouble

With words of assurance

And promises to hold onto

And draws us closer still

There is a God

Who loves us

There is a God

Who understands it all

The unexplainable,

The inexpressible

Yet still holds us dear

There is a God

Who looks upon us

There is a God

Who sees us

In every state we are in

There is a God




The unseen jailer that locks me

The bars of steel that holds me in

The metal cuff that chains me down


Unbidden stranger

Ever close

Never far


The force afraid himself 

He hurts others

Only as a cover up for what he feels


Dispelled by the light

Of truth 

Can’t withstand the rays of love


You’ve got no home in me

I live free from you

Today, tomorrow and days after

Hope alive


The only thing I had…

When it seemed life itself was against me

Against my very existence

And reason for living

Hope was what I had going

When I felt dry and weak

And memories of a better yesterday

Flood through my mind

Hope was what I had

When it seemed like the end draws near

And the future, a mirage

And dreams left unfulfilled

Hope was what I clung to

Hope was the fire that burned in my bones

It was the light that shone when I couldn’t see

The heat that warmed my cold heart

Hope was what I had

When it seemed like it couldn’t get any worse

I held on

Waiting for the showers, waiting for the season change

Hope was everything that kept me going

And now, two showers after

I feel life course through my veins

Feel the clouds part at the stream of light

Hope was what I needed

For there is hope of a tree if it be cut down, it will spout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease (Job 14:7)

Seize the day

Step after step
Phase upon phase

One here, another there

So is the journey of life

We tend to hurry through the present

So we can enter tomorrow quickly

Without enjoying what today brings

And learning the lessons of the now…

Perhaps if we slow down

Take a deep breath

And enjoy what each phase of life brings

While we look forward to tomorrow

We will be better than who we currently are

A prayer

Will you take these tears of mine

And mix with your love

To salve the wounds in my heart?

Will you take these unspoken words

And let them echo loud

Till you understand the rhythm of pain and joy in them?

Will you take this ache of mine

Massage your words into them

Until I remember no more that such ache existed?

Will you whisper your love

Till it resonates deep within my soul?

Will you scream it out loud

Till its the only thing I hear?

Will you show me 

What it means to love oneself?

Will you teach me

To truly love another like oneself?

Father’s love

He loves us

And that’s only the beginning

Its the pillar that holds us in the middle

And our rest in the end

He loves us

And like a child I bask in this

No matter where I am 

Father’s love is and always will be

He loves us

A truth long established

The world’s darkness can’t stifle it out

For His love is light

He loves us

From Him we’ve found our worth

From Him we establish who we are

And from Him we know we are sons!

He loves us

Its the joy I found at the beginning

The strength that holds me now

And the rest for my future

He loves me

I still hear the whispers of mercy

The comfort of enveloping grace

And the peace that washes my soul

He loves me

Its all I needed

Its all I need

Its all I’ll need